15 comments on “James Ferraro – Jarvid 9 (6xCDr) [New Age Tapes, 2009]

  1. i just tried to order these from volcanic tongue, they said they can’t afford to buy anymore of james because everyone just gets the music from blogs like this now, I’m really thankful though that your posting these up, just thought I should mention it, would suck if james couldn’t sell any more to volcanic tongue I guess there still availible maybe you should try and set up something whee poeple can follow a link to the artist personal email were they can buy it from them personally, I don’t know thanks anyways though
    always so excited to finaly be able to listen to these.

  2. To quote from your own page “I have no interest in sharing readily available albums here.” Maybe you should take em down?

  3. I removed the links to these (and the Emeralds/Dilloway tape). Personally I won’t buy these CDr’s off Volcanic Tongue as £14 is a ridiculious amount for 2 CDrs for someone who lives outside of the UK. I just got Ferraro’s personal address yesterday so I’m going to try and order directly from him.

  4. shame these had to get taken down – i was looking fwd to them as i too cannot afford the hefty uk currency…

    @noisenotmusic would you share james’ addy? i really want to start sending these guys $$$ and music back (my own stuff) – i owe them for all the inspiration and vibes big thyme


  5. hey I’d advise any1 ordering directly from J.F to be wary of how much money they intend to spend… I don’t know if you guys remember this but there was a major dustup over on the Chondritic Sound forums a few months back over some pretty fraudulent activities James was pulling [im talking made-up releases, rude e-mail replies to ppl asking where their tapes & CDRs were, and just general shadiness]. As far as ordering from James directly, I’d say stick to reputable distros like VT, Tomentosa, Eclipse etc…

  6. hey just adding my two cents re: JF – since i work closely with him…

    he’s so busy creating music that he does have a hard time filling orders and sending packages – so you are better off ordering thru a distro when possible…

    but these accusations of him selling “made-up releases” are not true — the titles of his releases are continually in flux until the release actually drops — he’ll often change the name of a cd at the very last minute… so when he sends out info on his upcoming cd’s some of them will have the working titles instead of the final title…

    here’s a specific example: “marble surf” was originally titled “mermaid shell” and then was titled “white surf ruin” prior to him settling on “marble surf” — but he may have sent out emails that mentioned the working titles & that adds to the confusion when those titles never seem to be released — but he’s not conning people with fake releases, nor is he “generally shady” or rude — it’s not like that — he’s a visionary artist living “on-the-edge” & he’s also often on the move — so it’s difficult even for the record labels he works with to get packages from him – especially since he usually leaves his own master recordings behind whenever he changes locations..

  7. I don’t know James personally, so I’m not in a position to speak on his character…but I find it interesting that you called him an artist living “on-the-edge”. I’m not going to argue the fact that he moves around alot, but I know that he had a paypal acct & an e-mail address. If he did accept cash from fans for releases w/ working titles w/o ever sending out a finished work, that is shady business to me. If you are going to charge money for yr. music, yr. art you should be accountable. I’m not saying harass yr. favorite band 1-2 wks after u place an order if nothing shows; but if its months later and the response you receive to a perfectly legit request is “yr. not a real alien, chillers…” there’s a lack of respect there. Its unfortunate that the troniks forum on this is nowhere to be found now, because there was a grip of ppl saying that they had sent James orders totaling hundreds of dollars only to receive nothing, not even an e-mailed stiff-arm. IMO if yr. going to mix business & art you should provide some customer service, and show love for the people that support you in doing what you love.

  8. orange, i’m going to be helping soon with stateside distribution of releases by James and New Age Tapes… anyone who has had a problem should just contact me directly at oesbee2@gmail.com & maybe i can help sort things out… spread the word to the Troniks forum or wherever else… we’ll try our best to clear up any orders that were never sent… also – his new releases will be available for more reasonable prices for north american customers when this starts….

    todd / olde english spelling bee

  9. i’m a broke individual about to order a batch of ferraro cdrs on the strength of the music posted here and elsewhere. my cd player is dead and i have no cassette player, but that won’t stop me. to me this music has been a revelation, a complete mindfuck of such epic proportions and of such intensity that it has rekindled my desire to create. for this ambrosia i thank each and every ripper and uploader who disseminates this stuff to a wider audience.

  10. thnx for the expo 70′ post- wasn’t able to score a copy myself so this is great! also want to say thnx to todd for getting a hold on distributing music by jf in the future, as i have not always been pleased to have to pay uk prices- but at the same time i am happy to support david, heather & volcanic tongue cause they are great people! must note that i have gotten a lot of james’ muisic from josh @ tomentosa, another wonderful distro & person also- so it is very possible to find his music w/o paying uk prices- so just do a liitle research and support the artists when yer able- thnx

  11. nice reading material…i have sent james ferraro 80 euro during the summer of 2007 and are still awaiting something to show up…either he replies on an email politely ( so far he has not called me an unreal alien 😉 ) or just doesn’t respond at all. when we see him during a gig he each time appologies for not giving the merch i asked for.
    each time i ask him to give me something else new instead but it remains only talking and he is not doing the walking… or he wants to give me something which i already have…i find it a pity because i have a lot of respect for him as an artist and the music he makes is quite unique and beautiful…i have upto now NEVER DOWNLOADED any item he has made and always bought it from either vt or another source. however indeed vt is becoming very expensive and if they are now the (near) only source than it is becoming difficult to buy his cdrs or tapes…
    he is really a nice and friendly person in the flesh and i still respect him as a human being however when you pay for something an artist has produced the artist should deliver the merch as agreed within a respectable time frame ( i do not mind to wait 2 weeks but 2 years is not showing respect to your devoted fans )…

  12. funny you mention this orange, but I want to ask you, have you ever ordered from James directly, or are you just speculating? and what do you mean by “a perfectly legit request” ?
    I’ve ordered stuff straight from james and I’ve gotten them, took about a month and a half but I didn’t mind in the end.I mean you really have to take into consideration who your dealing with. I’ve met james before and this was after I read that retarded troniks thread (which was nothing more than a mob scene), having an idea of what they’d be like I was blown away how wrong I was, james and zac davis are a couple of average guys that got a bad rap due mostly to bored losers with no life,people that just get off on bringing other people down via the Web of protection. the internet is filled with so many illusions and so much hype. two amazing guys off the bat. smart, fun to hang out with and amazing artist, not to mention stoners which should be obvious enough to stop you from taking all of this stuff so personal and hashing it up to “shady business”, these guys aren’t eBay or Borders or your local indie rock record store their two regular guys, so trying to approach the situation with the same straight forward business mentality especially when you contribute so much of your time bringing others down and adding your precious 2 cents in which is based in B.S., confusing everyone, trying to get others to join you from the safety of your cyber hole is down right schizophrenic. and trying to lecture us on your idea of business ethic from the position you seem to be coming from is humiliating for the( people like myself), that have actually bought stuff from James. who actually care about supporting our favorite artist if we can.I mean you obviously came on here looking to download the music, so what’s with extreme negativity? or are you just surfing around net spreading BS?
    I was also told BY JAMES IN THE FLESH that his paypal address was his ex girlfriends so it was hard even to get any cash off her because she was in california and he was in new york at the time without a bank account and she had to wire money and stuff and she was “dropping the ball right now”, so don’t assume everyone has the same set up as you man, sorry orange your comments just gave me a window of opportunity, I’m just sick of seeing people especially close friends of mine talk shit because their bored. it’s getting really old and people should grow up,there isn’t much you can say to the bunch of middleschool students that fuel most of the webs gossip machines but, the older guys should wise up and not believe everything that they read on forums and blogs. heres James’s email… iguanacity@gmail.com
    write to him yourself, he answers fairly quickly,couple days.
    and by the way I just got a mass email that james sent out asking those people who he owes stuff to to get in touch to work it out. so it seems to me like there’s a concern for the people willing to buy his music and this translates into respect for the people who have shown support and as a person that had to wait awhile for some CD’s I accept it. and James if you ever read this by chance I just wanna say… keep on truckin’ dude, your music is an inspiration to alot of people, always gonna be a big fan
    and to all the Orange’s out there, stop weaseling your way into every forum repeating the same shit, maybe the troniks thread was the most exciting thing thats ever happened in your life but nobody else cares at this point, it’s obvious you have no life,
    we’ll support the music forever!)

  13. what karl has to say about james using his ex-girlfriend’s paypal for a spell is true —

    & i have to mention that not a single person has written me directly about not receiving their orders from james – so it would seem that maybe there are just a few isolated cases out there & that orange’s comments are exaggerating whatever problem there was…

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