One comment on “Newgenics – American Love (Demo) [Fuck It Tapes, 2004]

  1. Ha!!
    I used to get a lot of tapes from Fuck It Tapes to distro a few years back.
    Sold alot of them – but in the end i could not get rid of Newgenics or Gospel (hence Hide Away/dylan got them from me when they came through on a Basta all ages tour).

    Newgenics – for the nerds among you – was a Chris Bickel project.
    Chris Bickel – the legend – from In/Humanity, Guyana Punchline, Confederate Fagg.
    I was in touch with Chris alot for a bit a few years ago – was even talk of a new In/Humanity album which Rimbaud was going to release in Europe…but it never worked out…record sessions fell apart etc…and the other lads had solid bands they were more into following.
    I did a interview with Chris Bickel for Unfit for Consumption zine.
    UFC didn’t know who the heck Chris was so the interview was shelved!! tut tut
    Its here for people to read:

    There is also a interview with Matt Anderson of Heroin/Gravity Records fame…’the San Diego sound!’ UFC never heard of any of that too – so THAT interview also got shelved.I was obviously writting for the wrong zine maybe.

    Both should be printed – its hard enough to come by a history of Gravity Records straight from the horse’s mouth.

    Eamonn Rimbaud.

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